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Jeremy Elliott - Monologue 1 and 2

What we’re actually seeing is the systematic implementation of the fall of the republic and the rise of the corporation of The United States. Every major event is a step in the ladder to achieve that end. COVID is just another rung in the ladder - which is why there’s a deliberate mixing of all the word play. I mean we should stop calling it quarantine. That’s a term designated for people that are verified sick....

May 2, 2022 · 4 min · def1
John McAfee

John McAfee About the 'Vaccine'

The Tweet Do NOT, under any circumstances, take the vaccine!!! — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) February 5, 2020 In memory to John [Video] Do NOT, under any circumstances, take the anti-virus!!! R.I.P. Brother - You are being missed. Comment anonymously here 👇 or get a token per email, either way, no account required.

April 16, 2022 · 1 min · def1

Defeat the Mandates Los Angeles

Del Bigtree on Defeat the Mandates LA Video found here Thankfully some mandates are dropping across the country, but there are still vaccine mandates that persist in schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and corporations. Restrictions on doctors who treat COVID, censorship by Big Tech, the unnecessary COVID-19 vaccination of children, silencing of scientific debate, and the extension of the Emergency Powers Act beyond March 1st for the coronavirus pandemic are a few of the main concerns....

April 10, 2022 · 2 min · def1

God Over Government

Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy - God Over Government [Lyrics] [Hi-Rez] They want you locked in ya home without God and alone don’t want you looking up Dr. Sebi and Robert Malone The truth blocked on your phones They call the shots from their throne These politicians and these doctors they are not in control, Jimmy [Jimmy Levy] Uncover the face that the Lord created so it can be seen...

April 7, 2022 · 4 min · def1

Dr. Robert Malone at Hi-Rez [Video]

March 27, 2022 · 1 min · def1
Grand Jury - Peoples' Court of Public Opinion.

Grand Jury

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples' Court of Public Opinion Empowering Public Conscience through Natural Law ‘Injustice to One is an Injustice to All’ We, a group of international lawyers and a judge, hereby announce that we will conduct a criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings. This Grand Jury Investigation serves as a model legal proceeding to present to a jury (consisting of the citizens of the world) all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic....

February 11, 2022 · 4 min · def1
Moderna Logo

How to BLAST your way to the truth about the origins of COVID-19

Blast From The Past I’ve been meaning to write this blog for ever. Well, at least since Prashant Pradhan (a wonderful, honest and brave genomics scientist) raised the possibility back in February 2020 that the SARS-Cov2 virus was man made. And we have seen multiple confirmatory pieces that the virus was made in a lab, one of the better ones here on zenodo and with its own cute video for non-Bayesian peeps here ....

February 4, 2022 · 16 min · Dr Ah Kahn Syed
Jimmy Levy & Hi-Rez – Welcome To The Revolution

Welcome to the Revolution

Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – Welcome To The Revolution [Lyrics] [Chorus] We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion No, it won’t be televised, welcome to the revolution We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion No, it won’t be televised welcome to the revolution [Verse 1] The revolution won’t be televised , government been tellin’ lies If you’re not with us, you better step aside Witnessing a genocide, everything is centralized...

January 30, 2022 · 3 min · def1
Freedom Convoy - Ottawa, Canada, 29, January 2022

Freedom Convoy [Updated]

Freedom Convoy Spokesperson Benjamin Richter on Trucker Carlson 🚚 🛻 [Video] Not only did Dichter highlight the issue of vaccine mandates undermining the constitutional freedoms of Canadians all over the country, but also why vaccinated Canadians, like himself, should be extremely worried about breaches in their privacy from the Arrivecan app. The Arrivecan is a Canadian government phone application that Canadian travelers going through airports and over the border, including truckers, are required to verify their vaccine status with in order to pass....

January 29, 2022 · 4 min · def1
Dean Braun

Dean Braun

Israelis are fighting back in defiance of what they see as government-sponsored discrimination against people who have not received the COVID-19 shot. In a soft rebellion against new government requirements to show a “green passport” – proof of vaccination or COVID-19 recovery for entry to certain venues, hundreds of businesses across the Jewish state have posted a different sign on their doors: The Human Passport. Source: allisrael.com Dean Braun - The Great Resist 🔥 [Video] Find Dean 📣 here: 👉 https://twitter....

January 27, 2022 · 1 min · def1