Event 201

Event 201

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences. Source: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/ Event 201 Trailer (Taken from Plandemic II ) All Episodes Official Channel on Youtube Playlist ↩️ Monoclonal Antibodies Source: FDA...

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Boris Johnson ends England's COVID restrictions

The Beginning of the End

🇬🇧 UK dropping Covid passes and legal requirement to wear masks It’s about time ⏲️. Also, also… Other Countries dropping COVID19 restrictions 🇸🇪 Sweden Travel Restrictions: Covid-19 Test Requirement Scrapped As Omicron Dominates 🇳🇴 Norway Lifts Alcohol Ban, Relaxes Some Covid Restrictions 🇪🇸 Spain to move from treating COVID-19 as a pandemic to an endemic illness 🇧🇷 Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Dubs Omircon 'vaccine Virus'; Asserts It Will End COVID-19 🇧🇪 Belgium to end quarantine for vaccinated COVID-19 close contacts 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland Covid update: Nicola Sturgeon announces all Omicron rules will end by next Monday 🇩🇰 Denmark lifts COVID restrictions despite Omicron spread 🇨🇿 Czech Republic Abandons Plan to Mandate COVID Vaccines 🇮🇪 Ireland to lift almost all Covid restrictions from tomorrow, Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin announced Most Countries of Africa be like: “Which Pandemic?...

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DC street art

DC Street Art

Somebody put up this incredible street art in DC over night. Knowing DC it’ll be ripped down within hours. All must comply! If you know the artist drop it in the replies! pic.twitter.com/nTe7sXWGwA — 🐺 (@LeighWolf) January 15, 2022 ANNND some lady is already out here ripping down the “dangerous propaganda.” 🤣 pic.twitter.com/xrEYHl4poq — 🐺 (@LeighWolf) January 15, 2022 To all the media outlets messaging me for permission to use my photos, the answer is yes except for @CNN and @msnbc , for you it’s $100,000 per photo....

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Video: Story of Covid Summary

Summary of the Covid Story to get you up to date (kind of 😅) 👇 Covid19 Summary by Harrison Hill Smith Comment anonymous here 👇 or get a Token per email, either way, no account required.

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Awaken With JP

This guys' vids keep me sane. I can not recommend his channel enough. Here are some must watch vids about covid, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, Fauci, Great Reset, Project Veritas, rights and on and on… 👇 The Narrative is Crumbling - 16 Reasons Why Good quick summary and starting point for catching up where we’re at ☝️ One of my Favourites - It’s… SCIENCE! 🤣 👇 Why You Need a Second Life Jacket!...

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Mass Formation

Mass Formation aka Mass Psychosis

Professor Mattias Desmet talks about his work that connects past historical episodes of what is called “Mass Formation” (aka Mass Psychosis) and current events. The risks are as grave as they come. Unless a few brave and courageous people are willing to stand up and say “I don’t agree!” history suggests that we will end up with a fully totalitarian outcome. That is a dark path. It inevitably leads to mass casualties and atrocities....

January 7, 2022 · 2 min · def1
Coming Clean

Coming Clean

There’s no easy way to do this, so I’m going to just come out and say it. I know that what I’m about to say may make some of you uncomfortable. It might make some of you angry. Maybe even scared. But it’s who I am. It’s my truth. I’m… Wow, ok this is hard. Let me try again. I’m… …not vaccinated. For Covid. Phew! That was hard! I almost feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders....

January 5, 2022 · 32 min · CORY ZUE
Fab 5

Real Talk - Five Members of EU Parliament Protest Against Green Certificate and Covid Mandates

Five Members of the European Parliament (MEP) from different political parties, named Christine Anderson (Germany), Francesca Donato (Italy), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (Croatia) Stasys Jakeliūnas (Lithuania) and Cristian Terheş (Romania), held a press conference entitled “Defending fundamental rights by opposing the misuse of Digital Green Certificate” (DGC) to expressed opposition and disapproval “to the increased violations of fundamental human rights across the EU” by the government of the highest position through imposing mandatory use of the said vaccination proof also known as DGC....

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The Defying One

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Global Covid Summit

Global Covid Summit

Thousands have died from Covid as a result of being denied life-saving early treatment. The Declaration is a battle cry from physicians who are daily fighting for the right to treat their patients, and the right of patients to receive those treatments - without fear of interference, retribution or censorship by government, pharmacies, pharmaceutical corporations, and big tech. We demand that these groups step aside and honor the sanctity and integrity of the patient-physician relationship, the fundamental maxim “First Do No Harm”, and the freedom of patients and physicians to make informed medical decisions....

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