This guys' vids keep me sane.
I can not recommend his channel enough.

Here are some must watch vids about covid, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, Fauci, Great Reset, Project Veritas, rights and on and on… 👇

The Narrative is Crumbling - 16 Reasons Why

Good quick summary and starting point for catching up where we’re at ☝️

One of my Favourites - It’s… SCIENCE! 🤣 👇

Why You Need a Second Life Jacket!

Advice for the Authoritarians - 9 Helpful Suggestions

Australian TOTALITARIAN Tourism Commercial – 14 Reasons to Visit!

How Liberals Are in Denial About What’s Going On

How to NOT Get Deplatformed in 2022

Free Speech - The Time to stand up is NOW

Are You Obedient? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

What the FDA is Like…

Extreme Authoritarian Laws Proposed in New York!

The Left is Normalizing Pedophiles? A Special News Report

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial - Everything We DIDN’T Learn

Luv his shit ❤️… Here is where you can find more by him 👇

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