To all the rappers not speaking up against the tyrannical fascist nazi COVID shit show:

“…all these rappers must be transitioning cause they got no balls…”

“I never sell my soul and do the government bidding I’m the rap game Alex Jones”




FBI flags slang terms chud, based, red
pilled to target racially motivated
violent extremists…

[Verse 1]

Y’all are just a bunch of clones
head glued to your phones
but right now I’m in my zone
I’m too grown for them little shots you’ve thrown
glass houses throwing stones
and from the ever talking on the internet go mess around and get you pawned
they all said I changed man
but I’m still the same man
I just switched the game plan
overcame the pain man
since the days of FaZe Clan
adapted to the rain man
now haters got a temper cause I’m finally getting banks man
a bunch of propaganda sheep
the news keeping y’all asleep
I’m 15 years deep
I don’t wanna hear a peep
they tried to cancel me
God said nah that’s my masterpiece
now things that I’m posting got the FBI tracking me
when the rap gets so soft
bunch of paid shills sell I swear they so lost
all these rappers must be transitioning cause they got no balls
God my CEO
other than him swear I got no boss
fake gangsters rapping about never snitching they’re snitching
a bunch of fake drug dealers that never been in the kitchen
went from selling to sniffing
like Biden around these children
I never sell my soul and do the government bidding
I’m the rap game Alex Jones
government been tapping phones
God walking with me
I’m never on this path alone
Keeping God first
warning of impostors
I came from the side dirt
before these Youtube boxers
I don’t do it for acclaim
I hope this shit gets clam
hope the music hits your brain
and takes your pain
energy God send to me is heavenly
I got this thing in my melody
Wooooo!!11def1, that’s the chef in me
the recipe five Michelin stars
pick it apart
my rhyme like a kiss, first kiss in the car
writing rhymes while I sit in the dark
listen my heart
has been in this since a kid that would kick it apart
before rap became Hollywood
before all the politics
XXL became TMZ with the gossiping
me and raps synonymous
homogeneous it’s obvious
young profit
deep pocket
sharing all my profits with
the ones who held me down back in the day
channel the spirit of my family that’s passing away
12 years still hustling thought my passion would fade
death tried to take me but I just laughed in its face
ha, thought I had it figured out
clearer with my vision now
God had to sit me down and say my time isn’t now
most my peers are making this far
can’t believe I’m still around
more money more problems
put them in a bigger house
thought I had to be the richest and most famous
but I know rich people that choose to remain nameless
managers and labels ruin artists every day
and fans say that you fell off if you were not as big as Drake
not knowing that your soul is intact and you’re well off
I took a break now I’m picking up where I left off
I’d rather own my publishing and be my own publicist
than going ask the label if my vision fits the budget shit
Democrat Republicans two wings of the same bird
never trust the government with the fruits of my labor
buzzing in my city before 20 Gordon Hayward
Sky walking on these clones like my name’s Darth Vader
no light-saber just a pen and a pad
my rhymes too cold
tell the chef I’m sending them back
I’ve been in the lab
these rappers just a dent in the fat
hip-hop raise me
boy I’ve been in my back
Lauren Hill is my mom J Dill is my dad
I could kill your favorite rapper make em piss in his pants
if he don’t kill himself first with the pills in the act
I don’t even need to try when I’m killing these tracks
I’ve been doing this on E now I’m feeling my gas
almost lost the love now but the feeling is
blow the roof off this building no more ceiling intact


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