Boris Johnson ends England's COVID restrictions

The Beginning of the End

🇬🇧 UK dropping Covid passes and legal requirement to wear masks It’s about time ⏲️. Also, also… Other Countries dropping COVID19 restrictions 🇸🇪 Sweden Travel Restrictions: Covid-19 Test Requirement Scrapped As Omicron Dominates 🇳🇴 Norway Lifts Alcohol Ban, Relaxes Some Covid Restrictions 🇪🇸 Spain to move from treating COVID-19 as a pandemic to an endemic illness 🇧🇷 Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Dubs Omircon 'vaccine Virus'; Asserts It Will End COVID-19 🇧🇪 Belgium to end quarantine for vaccinated COVID-19 close contacts 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland Covid update: Nicola Sturgeon announces all Omicron rules will end by next Monday 🇩🇰 Denmark lifts COVID restrictions despite Omicron spread 🇨🇿 Czech Republic Abandons Plan to Mandate COVID Vaccines 🇮🇪 Ireland to lift almost all Covid restrictions from tomorrow, Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin announced Most Countries of Africa be like: “Which Pandemic?...

January 20, 2022 Â· 2 min Â· def1